Finally Majestic Give Me Some Flow Mojo!

After waiting for almost 2 months, i still didn’t see any updates on this site ( url and subdomain trust flow and citation flow. This flow metric is created by Majestic SEO, it is a level of calculation for your backlinks. Want to know more about this metric, check this trust flow and citation flow guide.

So last week i decided to ‘hack’ it 🙂 well not really hack it, just did something that get it going, pushing the flow you might say.

What did i do?

  1. Register a free account in Majestic SEO
  2. Add this site ( into Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Add the meta name from Google WMT for via this site->settings->SEO->Site verification services->Google
  4. Link my Google WMT sites to Majestic Verified Domain Tools
  5. All my sites verification is success except for, this is normal since robot.txt is on root domain, you can’t do anything about it.
  6. Finally,  add this site url to Majestic URL submitter

And wait for couple of days.

Walla! after 48 hours, this site trust flow and citation flow had been updated from 0/0 to 18/24. Here’s the screenshot:


Hope you guys can also follow this step if you want your blog in to have trust and citation flow updated. Here some more details on Majestic flow metric.



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