What i use to check keyword rank for FREE?

As you might know, keyword ranking is important for website visibility. If you’re not ranked in top 100 of Google search for your keyword, you might as well do not exist. When searching for a quick solution to check keyword rank, i come across this useful free SEO tools.

What i love about this free tools is it had all the fundamental checker for website such as page seo score, pagerank (although its dead), outbound link checker, keyword rank checker and many more quick and easy SEO check lists.

Using the keyword rank checker, you can:

  1. Enter up to 5 keywords to check
  2. Choose which country locale Google search engine
  3. Choose desired position to check

in Dezzain.com, the most search keyword comes from ‘free hosting’ related terms, so i do a quick keyword check using search engine from .com, co.uk (British) and co.in(India), and here’s the result, pretty much 99% accurate.


Will try to improve the ranking, maybe shoot to 1-2 position. Did you know No.1 position and No.2 position had a different effect on traffic. You might be wondering how much traffic i get from current position, well its around 200-300 unique visitors per-day, with 450 at high peak to this post. Could you imagine how much traffic it will be if its on No.1 position?


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