Finally Majestic Give Me Some Flow Mojo!

After waiting for almost 2 months, i still didn’t see any updates on this site ( url and subdomain trust flow and citation flow. This flow metric is created by Majestic SEO, it is a level of calculation for your backlinks. Want to know more about this metric, check this trust flow and citation flow guide.

So last week i decided to ‘hack’ it 🙂 well not really hack it, just did something that get it going, pushing the flow you might say.

What did i do?

  1. Register a free account in Majestic SEO
  2. Add this site ( into Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Add the meta name from Google WMT for via this site->settings->SEO->Site verification services->Google
  4. Link my Google WMT sites to Majestic Verified Domain Tools
  5. All my sites verification is success except for, this is normal since robot.txt is on root domain, you can’t do anything about it.
  6. Finally,  add this site url to Majestic URL submitter

And wait for couple of days.

Walla! after 48 hours, this site trust flow and citation flow had been updated from 0/0 to 18/24. Here’s the screenshot:


Hope you guys can also follow this step if you want your blog in to have trust and citation flow updated. Here some more details on Majestic flow metric.



What i use to check keyword rank for FREE?

As you might know, keyword ranking is important for website visibility. If you’re not ranked in top 100 of Google search for your keyword, you might as well do not exist. When searching for a quick solution to check keyword rank, i come across this useful free SEO tools.

What i love about this free tools is it had all the fundamental checker for website such as page seo score, pagerank (although its dead), outbound link checker, keyword rank checker and many more quick and easy SEO check lists.

Using the keyword rank checker, you can:

  1. Enter up to 5 keywords to check
  2. Choose which country locale Google search engine
  3. Choose desired position to check

in, the most search keyword comes from ‘free hosting’ related terms, so i do a quick keyword check using search engine from .com, (British) and, and here’s the result, pretty much 99% accurate.


Will try to improve the ranking, maybe shoot to 1-2 position. Did you know No.1 position and No.2 position had a different effect on traffic. You might be wondering how much traffic i get from current position, well its around 200-300 unique visitors per-day, with 450 at high peak to this post. Could you imagine how much traffic it will be if its on No.1 position?

100/100 Google PageSpeed Insights with WordPress is Nearly Impossible

Just read  post from Kinsta about achieving 100/100 Google Pagespeed Insights with WordPress and decided to try it myself.

I have a semi project news site at, this site cover headline news, crazy and funny stuff etc. One of the page, Tattoos with meaningful saying (have lots of images) got lots of organic traffic so i decided to improve its GPI (Google PageSpeed Insights).

Before this, the score on this page is around 50/55 on mobile/desktop, yes, its not ideal so i’m following Kinsta’s method, well some adjustment to their method, not 100% fully followed. The final result is:

Mobile GPI Result -88/100


Desktop GPI Result -95/100


So as you can the GPI score increase from 50/55 to 88/95 for mobile/desktop test. Of course it is not 100/100 which impossible for the site’s js and gallery functions etc..

I’m happy with the score nonetheless.


Getting my own blog, let’s start the damage!!!

For no particular reason, after years from working with WordPress related projects, i’ve just manage to create a blog at right now, should’ve done it earlier, maybe 4-5 years ago 🙂 Why do i need a blog? well no apparent reason, just want to see how the network site function that’s all.

Pretty much checking out the themes that have, free or premium, checking out what kind of theme, the admin in approved at the site. Hoping someday i can add one addition to the free themes collection. During my probe on ‘free’ version of the theme list, i see most of them had only basic customization options,  no css edits or template edits etc. I think this features only available for premium users so in order to get your free theme into free themes list, you need to have a simple yet attractive theme (ok, i’m taking note on that one).

I myself had one theme available in and have around 10,000+ active install. Tell you the truth, even its only one theme, the support and email i got is more that i can handle 🙂 so sometime i’m really impressed on how other theme author with dozen of themes in get their work and support done.

Adding this dot com blog so i can share my personal thought and work which i prefer not to do in my homepage, so stay tunes………