100/100 Google PageSpeed Insights with WordPress is Nearly Impossible

Just read  post from Kinsta about achieving 100/100 Google Pagespeed Insights with WordPress and decided to try it myself.

I have a semi project news site at newsflashing.com, this site cover headline news, crazy and funny stuff etc. One of the page, Tattoos with meaningful saying (have lots of images) got lots of organic traffic so i decided to improve its GPI (Google PageSpeed Insights).

Before this, the score on this page is around 50/55 on mobile/desktop, yes, its not ideal so i’m following Kinsta’s method, well some adjustment to their method, not 100% fully followed. The final result is:

Mobile GPI Result -88/100


Desktop GPI Result -95/100


So as you can the GPI score increase from 50/55 to 88/95 for mobile/desktop test. Of course it is not 100/100 which impossible for the site’s js and gallery functions etc..

I’m happy with the score nonetheless.



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